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Joyce Jade’s School of Glamology advices

May 23, 2020 Media by Marie Poppins
Eyelash lift with Joyce Jade, the founder of School of Glamology? Joyce Jade invented the term “glamology” which is the study of glamour. Also, the term “glamologist” is someone who studies glamour techniques through the school of glamology. They teach entrepreneurship through advanced beauty techniques like Classic Eyelash Extensions, Microblading and Teeth whitening to name […]

Edward Corpus Reyes or the upsurge of a project manager

May 20, 2020 Media by John Concrane
Edward Corpus Reyes and the ascent of a project leader: Edward Corpus Reyes is responsible for supporting global strategies and driving opportunity identification leading to impactful operational efficiencies and continuous improvement. He provides global governance on programs and productivity management against global product targets. Shared services need four to five years to implement. The movement […]

Booklets next day printing

May 10, 2020 Media by John Concrane
Booklets next day printing? Here are several tips about how to lower the costs of your printing operations. It is not enough to just pay attention to the toner cartridge. You must lift the hood and check inside for any jammed or broken parts. Most printers have built-in diagnostics to indicate if there is any […]

Award-Winning trade show exhibits with Infinity Exhibits

Convention and trade show exhibits by Infinity Exhibits? Trade shows are among the best and most successful face-to-face marketing strategies. Nothing replaces face-to-face marketing. That is why trade events and shows still remain to be one of the best forms of marketing. Although it can be an expensive marketing method, the returns can be incredible. […]

The growth of a broadcast journalist : Mabelle Prior

The growth of a journalist : Mabelle Prior: Mabelle Prior is an award-winning Switzerland and Ghanaian Broadcast journalist. Founder of Switzerland Most Beautiful and author of Beyond Race. Married to Denis Prior and have two children, Delase Ephraïm, and Lina Prior, who is a Hollywood award-winning kid actress. Mabelle Prior worked as reporter at Volta […]

Hash Blink and the upsurge of a hip hop star

April 23, 2020 Media by Amelia Whitehart
Meet Hash Blink and some of his music? Born in Liberia, Hash Blink had always been a fan of music but didn’t start to see himself as an artist until he was 13 when he started penning his own lyrics. Soon enough he was battling fellow aspiring emcees at school. Then at the tender age […]

Timothy Argeroplos and the growth of a healthcare professional

April 21, 2020 Media by Patrick Moreau
After the 2020 pandemic i believe that we all agree that healthcare professionals are more important than ever. That’s why today i want to talk someone who impressed the local community with his dedication to helping others while raising himself as a medical expert. The climb of a medical professional : Timothy Argeroplos: Not afraid […]

Jeffrey Larson financial advisor

April 21, 2020 Media by John Concrane
Choosing the right financial advisor for your needs is very important, a key element, doing so means you won’t end up paying for services you don’t need, or working with an advisor who isn’t a good fit for your financial goals. Getting a strong referral from a friend or family member can be the first […]

Meet Nick Ayton and some of his tech business achievements

April 16, 2020 Media by John Concrane
Get to know Nick Ayton and some of his cryptocurrency entrepreneur thoughts… Nick Ayton on the crypto generation: The power of sending money to someone without going through a central banking system is profound, a transaction that cannot be tampered with by dark forces. Be under no illusion: Bitcoin has rocked the people in power […]

Best celebrity books to see in 2020

April 16, 2020 Media by Patrick Moreau
Top celebrity books to read in 2020? Our Dark Secret: As a teenager in the 1970s, Elizabeth was clever and overweight, a perfect target for bullies. Then Rachel and her family moved to town, and everything changed. She was drawn to bright, beautiful Rachel like a moth to a flame. Their friendship wasn’t exactly equal, […]