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High quality real estate market services Istanbul

Top rated property investment solutions Istanbul, Turkey: The People’s Park Project at Ataturk Airport is an innovative undertaking designed to establish an extensive green area within Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport. This visionary project seeks to provide travelers and visitors with a serene outdoor space where they can unwind and enjoy nature before or after their flights. […]

Property investments solutions Turkey today

December 22, 2023 Real Estate by John Concrane
Professional property investment experts Turkey: Situated in the heart of the Galata district, Galata Port Mall enjoys a central location that attracts both locals and tourists. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the nearby historic neighborhoods and discover the multitude of attractions in the vicinity, including the iconic Galata Tower and the renowned Istiklal Street. […]

Top real estate investment agency Istanbul, Turkey

Best real estate property agency Turkey: The property with two rooms and a hall, its normal price, for example, in Beylikduzu, is 250 thousand dollars within a residential complex that is less than 10 years old. Today, due to weak demand, the owner (instead of postponing the idea of selling because the market is now […]

Property rental solutions by Leasing Kings 2023

September 15, 2023 Real Estate by Marie Poppins
Property rental management company from Leasing Kings today: Video intercom systems also make life easier for property managers and building owners. With remote access capabilities, they too can grant authorized access to delivery vendors, maintenance staff, and personnel. This saves them time and money on overhead costs associated with legacy systems and physical staff. The […]

Best rated real estate investment agency Istanbul, Turkey

September 5, 2023 Real Estate by John Concrane
Property investment services Istanbul, Turkey with Choose properties in cities with high demand, such as Istanbul, and avoid other cities where resale possibilities are nearly impossible. Even in Antalya and the southern coast, despite high demand for vacation homes, the likelihood of resale with a substantial profit is very low. The earlier a property […]

Real estate market services Turkey 2023

September 4, 2023 Real Estate by Marie Poppins
Apartment for investment services Istanbul, Turkey right now: Many real estate investors understand that investing in off-plan properties can achieve the highest capital appreciation, as mentioned above. However, they make a simple but devastating mistake when choosing a location where prices have already significantly appreciated or where resale opportunities are nearly impossible. Regardless of the […]