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How to get many iOS installs for your app

February 12, 2020 Software by Marian Vasilescu
Improve your iOS app installs tips? One word of caution: each social media platform has its own terms of service regarding contests, giveaways, and advertising. Be sure you’re never in violation of them while you draw attention to and build loyalty for your app. But don’t just post information and promotions concerning your app to […]

Next generation Brave browser benefits and real anonymity

February 5, 2020 Software by Marie Poppins
Looking for Brave browser details? Brave comes with an inbuilt BAT wallet. This wallet enables users to support their favorite websites. Users can load the wallet and allocate a specified amount of BAT to their preferred sites. The wallet can be funded through Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and BAT token. Credit card holders use payment processor […]

Custom recovery for your Android device

February 5, 2020 Software by Marian Vasilescu
TWRP Recovery recommendations with reliable recovery for your Android device? We will do an overview of the most popular Android recovery apps and end with several advices on how to use TWRP Recovery on your Android phone. We’re here to show you the best Android data recovery software on the market, some require a PC […]

Web API code generator from MS SQL

February 4, 2020 Software by Marie Poppins
Create ASP.Net Web API from MS SQL in minutes with Instant Web API? Since REST utilizes CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete), it is very easy to understand whether you are just starting out as a developer or have years of experience. It can be reused with different projects which saves time as well. It’s […]

Block unwanted calls Android app

January 17, 2020 Software by Marian Vasilescu
Online marketing lead hunting on mobile has raised to new levels in 2020. Every day you get call from someone that wants to sell you something. Here is why you need a callerID mobile app! What call ID apps are working today? After reviewing them we will introduce you to one of the newest mobile […]

Realtime documentation solution by

January 4, 2020 Software by Marie Poppins
A new and extremely effective way to organize your software specifications, a new online software solution for organizing software requirements. Today’s software programming has become an extremly complicated thing to organize. Let’s start with the basics: The markdown system in Docstell is very convenient to use. When a text zone is added to a node […]

Disqus replacement for WordPress

December 2, 2019 Software by Marie Poppins
JointComments is a Disqus alternative, a free comment software for WordPress and other CMS. Adding a comment system to your website has a lot benefits, and we will talk about them in this post. Blogging is often a one-way street. You talk a lot about a topic, but without the comments, it’s like shouting into […]

Nextcloud CardDav suppliers

November 18, 2019 Software by Amelia Whitehart
Do you want a high quality Nextcloud service with Cloud Storage? NextFiles is a high quality , hight privacy german based cloud provider, a fast and secure Nextcloud service in a German data center with ISO 27001 certification. Easily share files: Individual files or folders can be shared with selected individuals across Nextcloud accounts, or […]

All about recycle bin data recovery

August 16, 2019 Software by Marie Poppins
Working with big quantities of information? You know the panic moment when you realize that you need some information that you deleted a long time ago. This is the subject of this post : How to do a deleted file recovery. 1st lets start with some general data recovery tricks, valid for all type of […]

Drupal 8 upgrade guide

Updating a website script version is one of the highest risk procedure a webmaster has to deal with when managing a website. How to do a Drupal 7 upgrade? Here is a small guide with various details. Let’s start with basic info : Be careful where you put your optional modules and themes. Within the […]